アーティストFun Factory
作詞Aris, Cottura, Hardison
作曲Aris, Cottura
Once upon a time
There lived three young men and one young lady
They travelled the world
In search of fame fortune and gratitude
Now these four went from place to place
Country to contry
Spreading the joy of fun
Now I want all y'all to know
That without fun there's no joy
And without no factory there's no fun
All together as we sing
The Fun Factory joyous song
I want all y'all to know
All y'all to know that we're here
Don't wake me up
I'm dreaming 'bout you
Don't wake me up
I'm dreaming I'm dreaming
Don't wake me up
I'm dreaming 'bout you

Don't wake me up
Just let me sleep deep
I'm dreaming about you
Cause you're the one that I need
I'm turning in my bed from side to side
My stomach full of a thousand butterflies
What can I feel, what can I do
What can I say to make this life a brighter day?
My inner clock goes tick tock tick
Are you dreaming just a little bit?
Here I am baby
The man of your dreams
The night in a shining armour
Or the man with whip cream
Ready to do anything for you
Because this is your dream
I'll do what you want to
What you want is
What you get
In the middle of a desert
In a jungle
Soak'n wet
This is your world
I'm just a slave
Till you awake


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