アーティストFun Factory
作詞Aris, Cottura, Hardison
作曲Aris, Cottura
I love you
You know that I do
What can I do to find the truth
You know I love you forever and ever
We'll be together and I'll do it all just for you
From the first time I saw you
You had my heart
I didn't know how to talk to you
I didn't know how to start
Two weeks later I saw you again
My heart was beating faster
It was adrenalin
Your eyes your smile and your beautiful face
You caught me in the act
And I thought I lost the race
Let me tell you that I'm shivering inside
I want to hold your hand
I wanna hold you tight
Please be with me
My love's so deep
What can I do to be with you

Sitting in the room
Waiting by my phone
Driving on the tour bus
Can't wait to come home
Miles and miles between the two of us
I need you girl
Or my heart will bust
I know it's hard for you when I'm far away
But every single hour and every single day
I think of you in a special way
I love you girl
In my heart just stay
This goes out to all the lovers outside
If you once find the right person never let her go away


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