アーティストFun Factory
作詞Aris, Cottura, Hardison
作曲Aris, Cottura
Don't go away
Please stay by my side
Just hold me tight I wanna be with you tonight
Don't go away and show me your love
You bring me joy
You are the center of my life
Don't go away oh darlin' you
You drive me crazy and I don't know what to do
I loose control
I want to be your fulltime lover
And no matter where you are
I'll be with you
You better listen
I don't wanna go away and leave you all alone
You better listen to me
Otherwise, you're on your own
Baby baby baby baby baby baby please
Try to understand that you're the one that I need
You're drivin' me crazy
Let me feel like a man
So why you're gettin' nervous
God I don't understand
There's really nothing more that I can say
Don't go away you know that you're my only lover
And I hope that I am your your only one too
You said that there there is no other
And now I'm sitting here like a fool
This is a true story
Hey little lady never ever let you go
'Cause if you try to leave I won't let you go
I need you by my side each and every single day
And if you ever leave I'm gonna beg you to stay
You're always on my mind even when I am asleep
Can never leave you girl
Because you smell so sweat
Just one thing I have to say in a clear way
Don't go away


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