アーティストFun Factory
作詞Aris, Cottura
作曲Aris, Cottura
Let's have a celebration by the sea
And get together in peace and harmony
A celebration come and have some fun
Singing oh oh oh oh
Bang bang bang
Here comes the jam
It's The Fun Factory
Coming with the next party jam
So what's up what's on?
Baby come on tell me
Is it me is it you?
Tell me tell me please don't play me
Chillin' with the girlies
Ridin' with the fellas
In my car dee dee dee dee dam dee dee dam
So come on wave your hands in the air
So come on wave it like you just don't care
And if you're down with The Fun Factory groove
Somebody say: oh yeah
Slam slam slam
Here comes the van
It's The Fun Factory
And we do the best we can
We ringadingadinga
We ringadingadong
We hype up the place with the bombastic song
We move to the left
We move to the right
And wave our hands from side to side
You better step back 'cause we don't stop
We run so let's get together and have some fun
There is a place where we have some fun
Yes it's better all together
And we're dancing one on one


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