Straight No Chaser

作詞akiko, B-Bandji
作曲Thelonious Monk
It's time to get up
I gotta get the heat on
I gotta get up
It's time to get up
It's time to jet
I gotta turn the heat up
It's time to get up
I gotta get up
I haven't started yet
It's time to get going gotta light a fuse
It's time to get up

Some of the things that I do
I do without a clue but do I care
Coming again with a new chance
Never looking back or running away
No matter how bad it is
Gotta remind myself when I'm fed up
I'll be laughing last

Gotta be moving on
And everything, I take it straight no chaser
Some things are left in the corner
Giving me no second thought
Can't afford to mess around, no!
And everyday, anyway
That's the way, that's my way
No delay, make some way, now

Never lose sight
Never lose touch
Clear in my head
I know what I want
'Cause I believe life is what you make it
You know nothing's impossible

I'll give it all I got
I got nothing to lose
Ready all the time
I'm not stopping until I'm satisfied
Nothing's come between me and my will


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