Return Her To Me (Outtake From Magic And Medicine)

アーティストThe Coral
作詞James Skelly, Nick Power
作曲James Skelly, Nick Power
Well I lost her a year ago
She told me that she'd never go
Now I'm here singing in the breeze
Some promises you just can't keep

No saint no soul could ever fill this hole
'Cause I'm down on my knees
Return her to me

Well the sun, the sea and the sky
Were like a load on my weary eye
Now my heart has turned to dust
I can't go on but I know I must

She comes to me in my silver sleep
And she's haunting my dreams
Return her to me
Return her to me
Return her to me
Return her to me

On the street where we once walked
Like all two lovers we kissed as we talked
I can't escape this memory
She's in every face I see

Her ghost it cries in the back of my mind
And I'm down on my knees
Haunting my dreams
Begging you please
Return her to me...


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