The Total Mix (Dat Terrorist Edit)

アーティストBlack Box
作詞Limoni, Davoli, Semplici, Hartman
作曲Limoni, Davoli, Semplici, Hartman
I don't know anybody else
I'll tell you what I know so well
Your love is stadning tall and swell
Why! Come on out and hear him say
Gonna get you now! Gonna get to you!
We're livin' by this inspiration

Come on, Baby, come on!
You 'n' nobody else.
Come on, baby, come on!
Just walk this way.
Come on, baby, come on!
You 'n' nobody else.
I wanna take you! So close to you!

You won't belong to me, I let you down
I walk around 'n' see your night skyline.
I feel the light but you don't want to stay
So lonely now, just let me off downtown

Sad and free

When I said it was over you aimed at my heart.
Won't be long for I'm leavin', all my love.
But I'll feel it forever, no sound's in my life.
You can call that no livin', on my own so free.

Everybody. everybody...

And we will live together,
Until the twelfth of never
Out voices will ring forever, as one.

Come to see, victory,
In the land of fantasy
Loving life a new decree,
Bring your mind to everlasting liberty.

As you stay, for the play
Fantasy, has in store for you,
Glowing light will see you through,
It's your day, shining day, all your dreams come true...


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