Woke Up Laughing

アーティストRobert Palmer
作詞Robert Palmer
作曲Robert Palmer
I was waiting for you,
I was sittin' in the sun
Gee your face on the tip of my tongue
Woke up laughing
I broke into a sweat,
I broke into a run
You were hot in my heels so I hired a gun
Woke up laughing
I was flat on my back, I was taking a plunge
It was making a stand but my plan was undone
Woke up laughing
Well I planned an escape for the middle of June
Well I dove too fast and I fired too soon
Woke up laughing
Woke up laughing

Make yourself a fortune, out in the jungle
Sitting home and wonder whether you were wrong
Take a small vacation just to keep sane
You'll find that no return you'll always run away
You may teach you may kiss
Human race, you'll come of age
You may get up you'll lose face

You'll fall the other way
You'll start then you will fake
If you fall, do you break
You'll go to war you'll make love
You'll sign out in the box

Repeat whole song


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