I knew when I fell for you
It wasn't when I wanted to
But you were acting so into me

Went real good for a month or two
Just like every relationship
We got off on the trust tip
And can't get it baby

I knew when it started to change
We could never be the same
I could do it when you do it to me

I knew if it came to be
We would get a chance to
See a side of each other
That we both didn't know of

What do you do
To make me feel so good for so long
Then take it back
And expect me to be alone
I can be good
But if your gonna do me wrong
I'll get you back
Baby that's just, just automatic

I remember when I met
The man with all the confidence
Everyday was promises to me

Then you stepped way outta line
Cheated on me too many times
I'm trying to put you down
On what comes around goes back around



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