American Eulogy (Mass Hysteria / Modern World) (LIVE)

アーティストGreen Day
作詞Billie Joe
作曲Green Day
A.Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria

Red alert is the color of panic
Elevated to the point of static
Beating into the hearts of the fanatics
And the neighborhood's a loaded gun
Idle thought leads to
Full-throttle screaming
And the welfare is asphyxiating
Mass confusion is all the new rage
And it's creating a feeding ground
For the bottom feeders of hysteria

True sounds of maniacal laughter
And the deaf-mute is
Misleading the choir
The punch line is a natural disaster
And it's sung by the unemployed
Fight fire with a riot
The class war is hanging on a wire
Because the martyr
Is a compulsive liar
When he said
"It's just a bunch of niggers
Throwing gas into the hysteria"
There's a disturbance on the oceanside
They tapped into the reserve
The static response is so unclear now
MAYDAY this is not a test!
As the neighborhood burns,
America is falling
Vigilantes warning ya,
Calling Christian and Gloria

B.Modern World

I'm a fugitive son
In the era of dissent
A hostage of the soul
On a strike to pay the rent
The last of the rebels
Without a common ground
I'm gonna light a fire
Into the underground

I don't want to live in the modern world

I am a nation
Without bureaucratic ties
Deny the allegation as it's written

I want to take a ride
To the great divide

Beyond the "up to date"
And the neo-gentrified
The high definition
For the low resident
Where the value of your mind
Is not held in contempt
I can hear the sound of
A beating heart
That bleeds beyond a system
That's falling apart
With money to burn
On a minimum wage
I don't give a shit
About the modern age

I don't want to live
In the modern world
Mass hvsteria


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