作詞Andrew Stockdale
作曲Andrew Stockdale
Hey I'm coming home, right now
Can you tell me if the people need to let alone, right now
I'm coming home
It's been too long
Since the light was gone
I'm coming home, yeah
Coming alive, coming alive just to see you
Realise it's all in front of you
Realise it's all you ever know
Realise it's all you ever do
Oh, I'm coming back around
Oh, It won't be long
It looks like someone has been, in here before
They left here thinking they could, still have it all
The tickets sold and the man got rich, with a seven-year itch
But all those involved fell over, in their own ditch
They like eyes to see on parallels, seeing all things as similar
For those who deny chance, have their chance denied!
Oh, I'm coming back around
Oh, it won't be long


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