アーティストBobby Caldwell
作詞Bobby Caldwell
作曲Bobby Caldwell
Lately I've noticed my world's upside down
And everything's coming unglued
Like crossing the dateline
I'm all turned around
And just don't know what to do

All day long
I keep neglecting
Things I have to do
That people are expecting
What does it matter
How can I work feeling blue
I'm stuck on you

Can't read the news
That's too depressing
I know this world's a mess
'Cause all my clothes need pressing
Everything's scattered
Baby I'm stuck on you

Deeper and deeper I go
Spinning around like a fool
Drowning in love's undertow
And there's nothing that I can do

Night after night
I'm convalescing
I used to have a social life
But now it's not worth mentioning
Just a bit tattered
Baby I'm stuck on you

Only the stars in the sky
Know why I'm feeling so blue
Maybe the moon has advice
That can get you to love me too

The city lights peer through my curtain
And so I'll face another night
Of counting sheep for certain
Tossing and turning
That's what I look forward to
'Cause baby I'm stuck on you


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