アーティストBobby Caldwell
作詞Bobby Caldwell
作曲Bobby Caldwell
If you should see me
Don't ask how I've been
Don't concern yourself with that
Cause you've got better things to do
Than to wonder my head's at

I hear you're happy
And you're, doing well
And you've found somebody new
But there's no one to take your place
I see you in every face
It's been hard forgetting you
Guess until I do
I'm gonna cry
Can't seem to keep the tears from my eyes
So baby I just have to cry

We said forever
That's what I believed
And to you it must seem so long ago
For me it feels like yesterday
But you probably don't want to know

My friends have told me
"You've got to move on"
Though I've tried and I'ved tried inside I know
Someone else makes love to you
That's what tears me right in two
Quicksand wouldn't be as bad
As drowning in the memories
So I cry
Remenbering how you told me goodbye
Haunts my mind
Till I just have to cry

And hope that I can stay
Well above the water line
I try to keep the tears away
But on any given night
I'll break down and cry
All I do is cry
Evertime I see you walk by
Well baby I wanna break down and cry
And I'm wondering how I'll ever get by
Will these tears ever day
Or do I just have to cry


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