Memories For You And Me

作詞横山裕章, 西村浩介, マー坊
作曲横山裕章, 西村浩介, マー坊
Everybody has own now
Memories in the box
You can find in your room, you know where
Say no worry, you say how
Memories you have here
I will never forget again

You catch my eyes, my heart beats fast
Time! Time has past, I grow up
It has been a long long time

Show, the time has changed me so
Set it free, you're chained, take it off

Lovely story we have now
Remember the fun times
Flash back sweet memories, it is there
Stay! Please be here, don't go away
Don't want you to let go
Can you now count for me to ten

What have you been doing all last night?
Time! Time has past, I miss you
I was waiting for you so

You can see me come tonight
We will have a dance so bright
Only you and me so tight

Buddy buddy

Fun so high


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