Secret Night

作詞横山裕章, 西村浩介, マー坊
作曲横山裕章, 西村浩介, マー坊
At midnight, I sneak out of my bed
It's a story, nobody don't believe
Candies and popcorn and yummy stuff too much for me
No, no, no

Pop and mom are sleeping in their bed
From this time will be all for me
It's not a big problem
Look around the toys gonna move now
Whoa, whoa, whoa

Come out!! My magic wand with you
We're gonna have good time until morning
Found out!! Hide and seek with you
Wonderful trick present for you

Calm down!! My magic words end soon
We're gonna have a good time, don't worry
Come now!! Your dreams will come true
Magical night, we're gonna have a good time so come again

Watch me
My secret night・・・
I wrote the line
This magic words will be a gift to you


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