Young Guns (Go For It!)

作詞George Michael
作曲George Michael
Hey sucker
(What the hell's got into you?)
Hey sucker
(Now there's nothing you can do)
Well hadn't seen your face around town a while
So I greeted you with a knowing smile
When I saw that girl upon your arm
I knew she'd won your heart, with her fatal charm
I said "soul boy, let's hit the town!"
I said "soul boy, what's with the frown?"
But in return, all you could say, was
"Hi george, meet my fiancee"
Young guns having some fun
Crazy ladies keep 'em on the run
Wise guys realise, there's danger in emotional ties,
See me, single and free
No fears, no tears, what I want to be
One, Two, take a look at you, death by matrimony!
Hey sucker
(What the hell's got into you?)
Hey sucker!
(Now there's nothing you can do)
A married man? you're out of your head
Sleepless nights, on an H.P. bed
A daddy by the time your twenty-one
If your happy with a nappy then you're in for fun
But your here - You're there -
Well there's guys like you just everywhere
Looking back on the good old days?
Well this young gun says caution pays!
Repeat chorus
I remember when we had such fun and everything was fine
I remember when we used to have a good time, partners in crime.
Tell me that's all in the past and I will gladly walk away
Tell me that your happy now
Turning my back - Nothing to say!
"Hey tell this jerk to take a hike
There's somethin' 'bout that boy I don't like"
"Well sugar he don't mean the things he said"
"Just get him outta my way, 'cause I'm seeing red
We got plans to make, we got things to buy
And your wasting time on some creepy guy"
"Hey shut up chick, that's a friend of mine
Just watch your mouth babe, your out of line!"
Get back
Hands off
Go for it!
Get back
Hands off
Go for it!
Repeat chorus


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