Let The Beat Carry On

アーティストKen Yokoyama
作曲Ken, Minami
Let the beat carry on and on
Don't ever let it stop
Whatever makes you rock,
keep pumping through your heart
Then you'll always feel it beating
When it's about to fade away
and you feel like giving in
and if it ever stops
only you can make it start
Let your passion help remind you
to never let go
Know what it's about?
Don't try to think it out
Now's the only time to make your move
Na na na na na, Na na na na na
There you go
When your music's been mistreated
Like it's disposable
Don't waver, don't hold back
Get your rhythm back on track
With a living beat keep marching
And when it's time for me to go
Then the rest is up to you
Keep the beating going on
like a heartbeat sounding strong
As the chain of life runs on
never let go


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