アーティストThe Pipettes
作詞The Pipettes
作曲The Pipettes
He's the boy that always sits at the back of the class
He never does what he is told
They say he's several years older than the rest of us
But I don't know if that is true (oh yeah you'd better believe it)

I once sat next to him in Geography
when he was thrown out of his class
He's got a tattoo on his arm (I wonder where else?)
they say he'll only come to harm
But I can see that he has got a certain charm
(but what's beneath his smile)

He is good enough to smile at me
When he passes me in the corridor
He is good enough to know my name
Cos I heard him once
So can he be that bad?
Can he be that bad?
Can he really, really,really be that bad

He's the boy that always stands by the bikesheds smoking on his own
And he once offered me a try (oh did you really? did you try?)
but I was always too shy
But I regret it now, just to be near him for a while
(I doubt he needs much longer)


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