Part-time War

You made me feel pleasant all the time
Became fool in an instant
Perhaps you did take all the blame yourself
Hurt someone with your hand
You made me feel pleasant all the time
You could be wise in an instant
I don't I don't know why,
but I shut you out from my heart

You gave me peace anytime
A quiet pool
I was floating in
Perhaps you will not come back to me again
To rid me of my pain
You left me liberty anyway
You should be lying or as a star
I don't I don't know how 1 should swim and go out from here

Shalala shalalala.....
The humming you often sang flies back every night
The happy days I still remember
(You get something precious
Maybe someone takes it away)

I feel the night
Music gives me all I want
All I need
Turn off the light
Only music can ease me all the night


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