作詞Triniti Bhaguandas, Klewis
作曲Triniti Bhaguandas, Klewis
DJ Playin' Hot Riddim, have di whole place crunk
Deh feel di base in deh body, ha di people jumpin'
Dancehall Lovers, ain't nobody frontin'
Singin' all di words to di song
Ain't no drug in di world could make you feel so high
Music in ya bones could mek you feel so nice
Dancirf by di speaker, soakin' up all di vibes
Everyting is alright

Selecta came to spin it
He's liftin' up my spirit
The energy is special, it's feelin' alright
Cause you know my shit ain't perfect
And baby I ain't worried
Cause right here in this moment
It's feelin'alrighta

Fa da luv of da Dancehall
6 in di morning ravin' till di dawn, yes
Fa da luv of da Dancehall
All my peoples in di fete, ain't ready to go home yet
Sweatin' thru ya clothes, and it feelin' so good yup
Ain't no stopping till di cops come knockin'

Sweat drippin' from di walls
Nearly catch me in my eye
Base bussin' up my ears, but you know it's alright
It's the real raw shit, just the way I like

Sellecta keep playin' my song
A lilrum in ma body, mek me feel so nice
Whinin' up ma waste and I'm freeing up my mind
Down wid everybody in di Dancehall


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