アーティストBow Wow & Omarion
作詞Shad Moss, Omari Grandbery, Rahman Lang, Kevin Perny, Rufus Moore
作曲Shad Moss, Omari Grandbery, Rahman Lang, Kevin Perny, Rufus Moore
This is what you've all been waiting for, huh
The wait is over now
Face off is finally here
Ho! Ain't no turning back man
It's either go on or go home
Hey! I gotcha ya'll watch this

The smoothest move sing it
Baddest nigga
Grab me
Put us both together
You know what's about to happen
Now somebody better call 911 first man
I'm saying I'm about to murder gang man
You know what I mean

Yeah it's about to be massive stereo
About to touch her girl in America
And I don't care if it's your girl man
You know what I'm saying?
Hey man let's go

It's the Bo dub dub o dub dub yo whole love
Slow so cold but oh go heat it up
I don't know what to say to you all
My name is many
I'm doing something
Holler at the people
Let's go

No need for introduction
6th album and I'm still gunnin'
Yeah this is the Prince that keeps poppin' the prince of pops
So no one stop game over you and I till I drop

Hell naw jock off, the block's knocking
It's a Hallmark thing your whole career in my pocket
Locksmith, with an album out, that non-stop shit
Profit is the only reason why we floss spit

Served from my cup
The dog's on the loose
The broad's goin' nuts cause O's in the booth
I let him
I told ya man
So cool to man
Let's pull this out thickie

Not now don't push it out now
Try to cup your stare
With 0 and the Prince Bow Wow
I told ya man
I'm a make ya'll respect this
In the grind man

Can we about to take it from the hood
From the streets to the states get to the top of the charts let's go
You know we know about toppin' them charts baby
I got a passion for this man
You know what I'm sayin'
It take a lot of heart to do what we do
You know just so ya'll don't get it confused
Let me go out and ask ya'll a question

Not moving kills
Two different worlds and we the best of both of them
Taking over the world
That's right
We take our hats off to the ones who did it before us
You know what we're talking about
But understand this is me 0
So get ready for the Face Off tour
About to give it to 'em till they can't take no more
Rest in peace to The Scream tour
It's the FACE OFF

Not playing with you all man
Go to song number two


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