All I need is...

The heat of early summer of the beginning of June,
Driving to the East,
I came to the Sea after 7 years.
The lights come from the gaps of the clouds.
Just as my life-style has changed,
Here is not what used to be.
But I'm so glad today.

Now I've got all I need and after all you're here.
〔Nothing can take place of this time〕
A feeling comes from bottom of
my heart dacing in my brain.

The things all I need. The thing,
That's the most important.
The one all I need. The things,
That's the most important to me.

"Your name means all."
"Your name means all."
The name comes out from
my lip without my concious.
I watch over you seeing far away.
I hope the wave of the sea
doesn't take away all of me.


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