Check yourself

What are you going to do in the future?
Do you just escape from all the while
You are hurt by someone and you hurt someone
I'm fed up with your way
Do your own way, I don't care anyone...

How do you solve the problem?
Do you just escape from it just like this?
Although I try so hard to explain, you never even hear me
You have been changed yourself
My songs have gone out of your mind...
Do you own way. I don't care any more

Why don't you try? Why don't you try?
Why don't you try? Why don't you try?
Where is your spirit going?
Check yourself again

Where had been all this while
I'm sure you'll stand up right now.

There must be someone who is waiting for you today
So, you should change yourself now
I want you to stay. You must be yourself
You'll try to do so
Check yourself.
Check yourself again, and control your tears now.
Don't pretend...


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