See Thru

作詞Cheryline Lim, Matthew Alan Friedman
作曲Cheryline Lim, Matthew Alan Friedman
See thru... se se se se see thru

See thru
No boy u can't disguise what u are inside
You're inside
I see pass you're sexy smile
And you're sexy eyes
You're see thru

<Verse 1>
Trying to show your good side
I knew from the start you don't look rite
Trin to get next to me
Your fancy words don't move me

<Pre Chorus>
Tryna impress but im not impressed
Boy get your hands off me
Cos I don't have a sign on my head that says
Easy to mess with
And I sure as hell don't wanna be in your presence cos you're


<Verse 2>
I don't mean to break it to you
But I'm not the one tonite boo
Our levels don't match
And that's the truth
I didn't turn up here to be with you

<Pre Chorus>


Comin up over and over again
No ain't hard to understand
I don't wanna drink I just wanna dance
I ain't here to find a man
A club ain't a place just to find a man
And if I wanted to boy u ain't that man
Boy let go let go of my hand
Let goooooooo

Boy u are see through
Boy boy u are see through (×2)



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