Missing (English Version)

作詞Toshinobu Kubota, (英語詞:Joe Lamont)
作曲Toshinobu Kubota
<Verse 1>
From the day you said goodbye
I've been wondering why
How could it all go wrong
Why do I sing this saddest song

Who would have ever thought
That you and I would come to this
Now here I am all on my own
Just longing for your kiss

I love you
Come to me and I'll hold you tight
I'll take what's wrong and make it right
Show you girl that I am still the one
I miss that morning glow upon your lovely face
That smile, that kiss, your warm embrace
Oh please believe it's true
No I just can't make it through

I'm missing you (I miss you baby)

<Verse 2>
Looking back on the better days
When we talked of love through eternity
And a little house upon a hill
Where we would raise a family

Who would have ever thought
That all those dreams would just fade away
Yet through this tear I still believe
That there will come a day


If I could make a wish
And have anything in this whole wide world
I'd want to share that dream with you forever


I'm missing you. I'm missing you...
I'm missing you...


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