作詞Cheryline Lim, Emile Ghantous, Erik Nelson, Kristen Ashley Cole
作曲Cheryline Lim, Emile Ghantous, Erik Nelson, Kristen Ashley Cole
Che'Nelle gotta story for ya

<Verse 1>
So he sayin' that he's the one to hang with
Cos he's the boss and all
Rolls with the ballaz
World of entertainment
Acting like he's the star

<Pre Chorus 1>
U got me thinkin' yea
Whatever yea aye

<Verse 2>
Are u forgetting
That I'm the one who runs it
I put u on I'll take u off
That's what u like right
Livin in the limelight
I can tell it turns you on

<Pre Chorus 1 >

Turn around walk away don't come back
Cos u been eliminated (×2)

<Verse 3>
Now this ones saying that he can't do without me
I'm suffocatin I'm allergic to needy
I'm not your life support
I m not your mother
Can't you tell it turns me off

<Pre Chorus 2>
U got me thinkin no oh oh oh oh
Whatever no oh oh oh

<Verse 4>
Calling and emailing
Always texting tryin to find me
It's only been a min
It's only been a min
Acting like a chick
The way you checking for me
Sad you barely know me
Now u can't even know me


Duh duh duh duh duh duh....

3.. 2.. 1... eliminated
All day long.. eliminated (×2)



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