First Love

作詞Cheryline Lim, Chris 'Ruff Diamond' Robinson
作曲Cheryline Lim, Chris 'Ruff Diamond' Robinson
My my my my my my my my first love...×2

<Verse 1>
Do u remember... Yr first hello
Lyin'on my bedroom floor
When both yr faces glowed
Both of u would smile and be too shy
But couldn't wait to meet again
(Yes I remember)

Yes I remember the first kiss
Hopin' no one would walk through my door
He said he'd never let me go

<Pre chorus>
And looking back I don't regret it was the best time
Was like my first toy
My first doll Yes I loved that boy.......


<Verse 2>
I recalled the nite underneath the stars
It was so romantic
He would never ever break my heart
Nothing could tear us apart no!

<Pre chorus>


Put yr hands up if you ever been in love
Put your hands up if you love bein' in love (×2)

<Chorus repeat>

My first love my firr ir ir ir ir ir irst loveee...


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